The original Heroes television series a story of three seasons.

Season 1 started out with great expectations, and strong character development. It seemed television may have hit on something that would really envelop the comic book world onto the small screen.  We followed along as they all learned their powers and how to cope with them and use them effectively.  Sylar was an epic villain played well by Zachary Quinto. Watching the story unfold was fun and exciting and learning new powers along with twists and turns kept us on the edge of our seats.

Then the writers strike.  Season 2 picked up where the first season left off as would be expected and we eagerly waited to see what happened next.  New plot lines and stronger connections were built, but the bottom fell out.  With the writers strike it appeared as if a hodge podge of elements were summed up quickly and incoherently to get us to the end of the season.  It felt very disjointed but the beginning kept us hanging on.  Hoping for improvements and changes that would turn it all around.

Season 3 the Carnies! What?! Now it is just getting silly.  Not sure if this was just a give up or someone actually thought it was a good idea.  The last season was so ridiculous and the new characters highly flawed.  A traveling band of mutant powered carnies is going to destroy the world.  You have got to be kidding.  At this point I lost all hope for the show.  Turned it off and was okay with it getting cancelled.  It had so much hope, and optimism and they killed it in three short seasons.

Now the rebirth?  Are you interested in the new mini series version of the show?  Will they try to write the wrongs or just pick up where the train wreck left off?