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Robocop 2014 somewhat robotic.

The movie gets a definite update with the added effects of CGI and new technology, but fails to improve storyline or plot.  It’s the age old story of crooked cops and corruption.

In comparison to the original film, which was campy and a true to the heart 80’s film, the new one doesn’t compete.  The first film had bad guys you wanted to see get it in the end and a hero that fought for justice.  The new movie uses this concept as a veil to hide a hero that is fighting for revenge.

The corporate bad man Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) in the original film is an evil man driven by money and power replaced in the new film by Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) who doesn’t come across as all that bad.  Sure he wants money, what corporate CEO doesn’t want to see his company soar, but you don’t really get a true sense of hatred for his character.  In Robocop (1987) the criminals are an arm of the corporation used to pressure the public and sell product for Omnicorp.  This connection was taken out of the new film.  Murphy hunts down the gang and that made him Robocop in a warehouse in what is probably the most action packed part of the film and unceremoniously wipes out the lot, including the main bad guy.  This in my mind leads to a pretty anti-climactic end for the new film.  The only bad guy left is the corporation out to make money that saved his life in the first place.

The remake is not all bad, the effects are pretty good, and it’s fun to watch the updated Robocop run around the screen blasting other robots, but I don’t think it will make it to the classic status of the original film.